Meet the Team of Children's Dentistry of Manatee


Clinical Coordinator

staffWorking with children and teens makes each day here fascinating. They come to us with varied dental needs and feelings about seeing the dentist, and we make sure that not only are their dental needs properly addressed, but that we provide an excellent, positive, and fun experience while they’re here. Teaching children that a trip to the dentist isn’t something to worry about is essential to starting them on the path to great dental health, and that’s always our goal. I’ve been with the practice since 1984, and am a certified dental assistant and a certified orthodontic assistant. As our clinical coordinator, I make sure that everything flows smoothly in our operatories and with our assistants’ work schedules, so our patients get the best care, always.

Away from the office, I love to travel, work in the garden, and read. I’m married, with two grown children and an old dog named Yogi.


Dental Assistant

staffIt’s very enjoyable to be around our young and adolescent patients. They bring a lot of fun energy into the office, and once they learn that this is a positive, safe space to visit, they open up and laugh with us. Their smiles and excitement are contagious. I’m both a certified dental assistant and a certified orthodontic assistant; I was also the first employee hired by the practice back in 1977. I’m Dr. Morgan’s surgical assistant, so I provide support during oral surgery, with IV and oral conscious sedation. I also manage our dental supplies and ordering system.

I’ve lived in the area for most of my life and attended our local schools. I love animals and children, enjoy reading and doing craft projects, and teach Sunday School, as well.


Dental Assistant

staffI started working here in 2004 and have loved every day. Our patients are the best, and getting to know them, earning their trust and friendship, and eventually their smiles and laughter, is incredibly rewarding. Each young patient learns that this is a fun, exciting place to visit, because we make sure that every time they’re here it’s a painless experience, and that makes them look forward to coming to see us. We look forward to their visits, too, because we get to catch up on their latest adventures. I’m a certified dental assistant, and provide chairside assistance during dental procedures. I’m also our practice lab coordinator.

I grew up in Bradenton and I love being outdoors, especially going camping and kayaking.


Insurance and Hospital Case Coordinator

staffGetting to know our patients and their families, and ensuring that they get the care they need, when they need it, is core to my work. I especially enjoy advocating with Grotto for our special-needs patients. Having started with the practice in 1986, I’ve had the pleasure of watching many children come to us for their dental care and seeing them mature into fine young adults. In addition to being an appointment coordinator, I am also a certified dental assistant who works in our business office. I organize and facilitate Dr. Morgan’s OR and IV sedation cases.

I’m a mom, grandma, and great-grandma, who’s also a Bradenton native. I love sci-fi, reading, and getting out and spending time in nature.


Dental Assistant

staffWhen I spend time with one of our patients, I sit and listen to them, asking about their life and how they like to spend their time. Building those initial bridges of trust and friendship are important, so the child learns that seeing the dentist isn’t a scary thing. Each person in our office is committed to helping our patients learn that lesson, and since we practice only pain-free dentistry, and we’re a happy group who love to laugh and joke with our patients, it’s a pretty easy message to get across. As a certified dental assistant, I’m focused on patient care, to make sure that each person we see is comfortable and relaxed during their visit and smiling when they leave.

I work part-time here at the practice. Most of the rest of my time is spent volunteering with a world-wide bible education group, which brings me a lot of joy and happiness.


Sterilization Tech

Working with an incredible team of devoted, intelligent, passionate people, and caring for the best patients in the world, is very rewarding. I’ve been with our practice since 1999, and serve as the sterilization technician and after-hours custodian. That means I’m entrusted with ensuring that every dental tool, piece of equipment, and technological device is completely sterilized and sanitized, in order to make sure we maintain the highest levels cleanliness. It’s important for our patients and their parents to know that we are concerned about infection control and prevention at all times.

I’m married and have one son, a bird, a cat, and four dogs. I also have five stepchildren and some grandchildren, too!


Dental Assistant

staffI love working with children and young adults — getting to know them on a personal level and then watching them grow up. Seeing their personalities develop and mature while they’re with our practice is always amazing, and I love being part of making sure their time with us and their feelings about dentistry are positive. In addition to being a certified dental assistant and providing chairside assistance to our doctors and patients during procedures, I oversee our “Tooth 4 Tots Smile School” and our “Pre-School Program.” Getting kids excited about taking care of their mouths — early — is so much fun!

I love spending time with my two boys and family. We love going to Pop Pop’s farm every weekend and enjoying the country life.


Business Office Coordinator

staffIt’s so wonderful to watch our patients “grow up” in our practice. I love the relationships we build with each person and their family, and then seeing them become such well-rounded, interesting young adults with their own interests and passions. It’s always a bit sad when one of our patients graduates from our practice, but we know we’ve set them on the path to great future dental health. I started with our practice in 1997, left to be with my family for a while, and then returned in 2010 as the business office coordinator.

I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Larry, and we have two great sons, Larry and Jack. In my free time, I love being with my family and friends, and staying active, too.



staff When I come to work each morning, it’s with a smile on my face because I’m looking forward to the exchanges I’m going to have throughout the day. I greet patients and their families when they arrive, and I love when they tell me all about their latest school or sports events, what’s been happening with their friends, and the adventures they have planned. They’re so much fun to listen to and always make me laugh! In addition to welcoming everyone who comes through our doors, I also answer our phones and schedule appointments.

I was raised in Avon Park and moved to Bradenton in 2011 after marrying my husband, J.J. I enjoy spending my free time with my family and living a simple lifestyle.