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Has your kid been avoiding the dentist? We get it; it can be a daunting experience for the little ones. But at Children’s Dentistry of Manatee at Bradenton, we’re determined to transform that fear into a fun-filled visit. With our specialized pediatric services, we focus on gently guiding your child through their appointments, ensuring each visit leaves them giggling rather than trembling.

Led by experts like Dr. Bryan Morgan and Dr. Nick Mann, we aim to create a welcoming environment where oral health and education take center stage.

Our Amazing Dentists in Bradeton

Dr. Bryan Morgan, DDS

Dr. Morgan, a specialist in pediatric dentistry, creates a pleasant dental experience for children. He is fully committed to continuing education and uses non-invasive, painless equipment to deliver highly accurate dental care.

Dr. Nick Mann, DMD, MS

Starting his career in engineering, Dr. Mann found his calling in orthodontics. Today, he uses his expertise as an Associate Professor at LECOM School of Dental Medicine and provides all-round orthodontic treatment, including traditional metal braces and tailor-made, clear aligners.

Dr. Kristan Ingraham

Dr. Ingraham, a certified pediatric dentist Bradenton, focuses on making dental visits an enjoyable, secure experience for children. She provides information to parents about their child’s dental health, explains procedures in detail, and helps children overcome their dental fears.

What Dental Services Do We Offer?

1. Pediatric Dentistry

Our dental care services for pediatric patients comprise thorough dental exams and professional cleanings aimed at maintaining their oral health. We are committed to guiding kids on the importance of regular brushing and personal habits that promote dental health.

Our dental experts provide detailed descriptions of each process to their young patients, subtly educating them about the importance of good oral hygiene and preventative care.

2. Restorative Dentistry

Tooth decay and tooth loss are common issues among kids. However, our restorative care is designed to tackle these challenges, using high-resolution dental images and non-invasive, painless equipment to keep your child comfortable.

Our restorative treatments include tooth-colored fillings, dental crowns, and veneers, all made with biocompatible materials that are safe for your child. Through this, we ensure a return to optimum oral health while creating beautiful, confident smiles.

3. Orthodontics

Our orthodontic services provide great solutions for children with misaligned bite or teeth issues. Interceptive orthodontics and pediatric braces are wonderful options to straighten your child’s teeth and contribute to their ideal smile. 

Your child’s orthodontic action plan will be outlined using extraordinarily accurate dental images and physical models of their dental structure.

4. Special Needs Services

We understand that children with special needs often require a customized approach to dentistry. Our skilled dental team is equipped with ongoing training to meet these unique healthcare requirements and create a positive dental experience for every child. Whether it’s physical trauma or managing sensitivities, we focus on developing a routine that works best for each child.

5. Sedation Dentistry

Anxiety and fear around dental procedures are common among children. Our sedation dentistry practices use innovative technology to provide comfortable cleanings and dental treatments. We use techniques such as laughing gas and IV sedation to ensure ease during procedures, making the dental experience pleasant.

Why Choose Bradenton Family Dentistry?

Dental Care Tailored for Kids

Our dental practice is committed to creating a positive dental experience for children. Our skilled team, led by Dr. Bryan Morgan and Dr. Nick Mann, prioritizes gentle and compassionate and gentle care during all dental treatments, keeping the comfort of our patients in mind at all times. We aim to ensure each child leaves our family-oriented Bradenton dental center with a bright and healthy smile, confident in their oral health care abilities.

A Focus on Oral Health Education

The foundation for a lifetime of good dental health begins with education. Our dental professionals take the time to provide detailed descriptions and great routines to children about proper oral hygiene. Regular brushing, signs of decay, and prevention of gum disease are all presented in age-appropriate ways.

Our approach to dentistry includes assuring that our young patients and their parents make informed decisions about their oral hygiene habits.

High-Quality Dental Procedures

Our dental team uses state-of-the-art equipment, including high-resolution dental images, for a level of accuracy that is a win-win situation for both dentist and patient. Services include preventive care to ward off tooth decay, tooth extractions when necessary, and restorative care to maintain a beautiful smile.

Commitment to Continued Excellence

The entire team at our dental practice, from our dentists to our dental hygienists, receives ongoing training and additional education courses to stay current on the latest advancements in pediatric dentistry. We want to ensure that every visit to our dental office is an experience of quality dentistry for your child.

Your Child’s Comfort Is Our Priority

Our dental care team works to make each child’s dental experience pleasant and fear-free with our compassionate patient care and use of non-invasive, painless equipment. Our goal is to go beyond simply providing dental cleanings and procedures—we aim for your child to view dental visits in a positive light, fostering a lifelong habit of regular oral health care.

Experience Exceptional Dental Care With Bradenton Family Dentistry Today

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Visit our best dentist Bradenton, to experience quality care from expert dentists and dental professionals. Let us be your choice for family dentistry in Bradenton.


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