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Teeth Cleanings and Dental Exams in Bradenton & Lakewood Ranch, FL

Cleanings & Examinations

Everything You Need to Know About Teeth Cleanings & Dental Exams

Common wisdom says that you should visit your dentist every six months. But the truth is that your child’s dental needs may vary on a case-to-case basis! Some kids’ teeth just need more attention than others. Regularly scheduled dental appointments can help your child maintain healthy oral hygiene habits. They also allow us to monitor your child’s dental progress and catch any medical concerns before they become a real problem. Children’s Dentistry of Manatee is here to give your kid’s teeth all the attention they need. Encourage healthy dental hygiene, and book a cleaning or examination at our practice today!
Cleanings and Examinations
Cleanings and Examinations
Cleanings & Examinations

Why Should My Child Get Regular Cleanings & Check-Ups?

Many people only go to the dentist when it’s already too late and their oral health is in decline. This means we have to work harder – and do more procedures – to bring the teeth back to a healthy state. Here are a few more reasons you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to get your child’s pearly whites checked:

Regular exams allow our dentists to assess your child’s mouth’s overall dental hygiene, gum health, and tooth decay. We can provide actionable insight into how to improve their oral care, even demonstrating the correct techniques. This encourages better hygiene habits in the long term, preventing unnecessary visits in the future.

We keep dental records to monitor and compare the growth of your child’s teeth and jaws. If there are issues, we will offer the necessary corrective options to maintain the functionality and appearance of your child’s teeth. Regular appointments also offer you an opportunity to ask your dentist about any concerns you might have about the development and formation of your child’s teeth.

Regular exams can help spot any number of problems that may need to be addressed in the future, such as the need for orthodontics. Identifying and treating the issue early is the key to success!

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, as they say. It’s more true for oral hygiene than anywhere else! Leaving problems undiagnosed can escalate the condition, and problems will be more painful and costly to address. By going to regularly scheduled dentist’s appointments, you’re helping your child keep their mouth clean and healthy for longer.

Cleanings & Examinations

What Can I Expect from a Cleaning and Examination?

During a scheduled cleaning and exam, you can expect the following:

  • Prophylactic Treatment – We provide preventative oral care through a thorough cleaning of the mouth.
  • Gum and Cavity Check – Our dentists will look for cavities and symptoms of common gum diseases (e.g. gingivitis)
  • X-rays – In some cases, radiographs may be taken to properly assess dental health.
  • Diet and Exercise – Your dentist may ask questions about your child’s diet and routine to better help oral hygiene.

We may also perform other procedures depending on the situation and assessment.

Cleanings and Examinations
Cleanings & Examinations

Schedule A Tooth Cleaning & Examination at Children's Dentistry of Manatee & Lakewood Ranch

How often you should bring your child to the dentist depends on their unique needs. With all the preventative measures and thorough examinations we provide at Children’s Dentistry of Manatee, your child is one step closer to having a healthy mouth – for life. Give your child a new reason to smile! Call us today for an appointment, and our dentists will schedule your regular visits.